A Collection Of Moments | HardCover


A Collection Of Moments | HardCover

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Release Date: January 25th, 2018

"A Collection of Moments" is a 90 page book that displays over 70 images from the Andy Woodward Photography Gallery. Along with the gallery, this volume additionally holds the stories behind each image as well as several technical tips about specific camera gear and settings. The purpose of publishing “A Collection of Moments” is to offer a physical copy of the Andy Woodward Photography Gallery for those who have continuously supported the pursuit of my dream to travel and photograph the world.

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HardCover 8.5x11 (Best Seller) - Dust cover over a parchment-colored fabric hardcover, from Artifact Uprising

HardCover 8x10 - ImageWrap cover, from Blurb

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NOTE: The current discounted price for the 8x10 book format from Blurb is a limited time offer - there are currently only 5 books left for this price! After that, I will no longer be able to get the books for a discount and the book will once again return to its original price. Make sure to grab a copy before they are all gone!

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