Get Outside Collective

Posted 12/25/17

This month, I have been working hard to create a new website and brand, Get Outside Collective! In preparing for its release, I just wanted to take a moment to share about what it is, how it came to be, what I hope to do with it, and what you can do to get involved!


   As you may know, my life is based on exploring the outdoors; the mountains, the ocean, the desert, the valleys and canyons - it all means so much to me. Because of this, most of my photography and stories derive from the outdoors, which means I have a lot of both. My main outlets are my website and Instagram, but with the quantity of content being produced every day on my adventures, I am not able to share it all. With that, I began to think of other outlets, and that's when I began brainstorming the idea of a second blog or website.

   But that's not solely where Get Outside Collective roots from - there were many other ideas and efforts that eventually came to be this new brand. Some other elements of its creation include the idea of a consolidated collection of community-wide photographs, stories, and anything else outdoors - a space where users and lovers of the outdoors can share, educate and inspire the world to get outside. This is when the idea came to be.

   The Get Outside Collective is a community of outdoor enthusiasts with a goal of educating and inspiring the community to get outside by sharing photographs, stories, and hosting events. The content on this page is all user-generated, meaning all of the photos, stories, events, and other posts are all straight from people just like you - pure and raw, first-person stories and emotions.

Get Outside Homepage

   As this page grows, we hope to be able to keep up with the demand by providing amazing photographs, and epic stories, useful outdoor tips, "secret" locations, and other great content that our outdoor community would enjoy.

   This means that the page needs you! We need your photographs, stories, and anything else outdoors to help educate and inspire the world. There is no commitment, no obligation, no rules - all we need is your stoke and genuine love for the outdoors.

Interested? Make sure to apply to be a contributor on our page!

  Nevertheless, we hope to see you tagging along with us as we grow as a community! Make sure to like or leave a comment on a post on our website, or, even better, post a story or photo of your own!


   I hope that I was able to share the news effectively, but if you think I missed anything or have any additional questions, make sure to contact me here or Get Outside Collective via their website! Thank you all again for the never-ending love and support!

Andy Woodward