A Collection of Moments

Posted 11/25/17

"A Collection of Moments" is a book by Andy Woodward designed to simultaneously provide a tangible copy of the Andy Woodward Photography Gallery while also sharing the stories ("moments") behind each image. My journey through photography has taken me across the world, has taught me many valuable lessons, and has allowed me to meet many incredible people, and these are stories I want to share with you. This book is dedicated to my friends and family because I truly never would have discovered this passion without their never-ending love and support.

Below is a breakdown of the features as well as frequently asked questions about the book:


The intentions behind the book?:

"Why are you making this book?" is one of the most frequently asked questions, and the answer is ultimately a composite of many reasons. Initially, this project began as an attempt to create a collection of my favorite photographs with the singular intention of having something reminisce old times with. Progressively, the project plan began to blend with another idea of creating a product to share my cumulative body of work though - or, in other words, a complete, tangible portfolio of my photography. However, as this project unfolded, I developed a feeling that the spine of the overarching concepts lacked something crucial and I quickly discovered that the reason for this was because the photographs had been separated from their stories. The final step in the creation of this book was to tell the stories behind each image in order to better share the experiences. Now, the book stands complete by integrating these three concepts (bolded above): create a tangible collection of photography that simultaneously showcases images while also share the moments behind each image.

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What to expect:

Included in this book, as mentioned above, will be my entire, up-to-date photography portfolio plus many other "never-seen-before" images. Images will be organized in reverse chronological order (excluding the introduction and conclusion) to find compromise between both the progressive timeline of my photography and my personal order preferences. Next to each photograph will also be the story or significance behind every image, and for many images I will also include various other relevant information such as the camera settings, gear used, and/or the photograph's location. There are just over 65 images and stories totaling to roughly 90 pages. This book will be sold as a hard-cover beginning on January 5, 2018, and will additionally be available in soft cover and digital download beginning in March, 2018. Click the link below to read more and buy yourself a copy!

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Why you should buy "A Collection of Moments":

To be transparent, the two most frequent motives behind the purchases of this book have been for two reasons: either the buyer knows me personally and supports my work, or they are very interested in this style of photography or in the art of book-making. Aside from that, the price tag usually scares people away (read about the price below). But to give you a reason to support my art if you are borderline on purchasing this book: "A Collection of Moments" is more than just a photo book, it is a story of images crafted with detail and fueled by passion that will give you more than just something to look at. There are stories to read, techniques to learn, and images that inspire. In the end, the choice is yours, but I hope that you will consider supporting my passion!

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FAQ: Why is the book so expensive?:

In order to ensure the highest quality book possible, I decided to work with Artifact Uprising because of their strong reputation for high quality products. Although their services get pricy, I feel most comfortable being able to produce and distribute a product that is well-made. An additional disclaimer is that the price I am selling the book for is equal to the cost of producing and distributing it - there will be no profit made on this book. Although many may argue that I could easily make even a small margin of profit by increasing the selling price, this project, in its roots, is dedicated to the ones who shown endless support and love to me and I simply can't justify making profit from those who have helped me the most.

Update: A cheaper option is available! Click here to get yours today.


If you have any additional questions or comments, please make sure to contact me!